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Special Needs Chicago, Inc.  -  phone (630) 668-9999  -  fax (630) 839-6000  -  info@specialneedschicago.org


Corporate clients are invoiced.  Private pay individuals may pay via credit / debit card.




Corporate clients and private pay individuals can schedule rides with ease.   To ensure smooth operations reservations are generally communicated via email or fax, but we understand last minute rides often require coordination by phone, text or carrier pigeon.  Of course, we are available at our main office and emergency phone line for any questions, changes and concerns around the clock.


Standing orders are regularly scheduled rides for passengers who will have a set schedule, generally several days a week.  We know that schedules change, and permanent or temporary adjustments or cancellations are simple.


Individual rides can be coordinated for appointments as needed, and multiple rides can be arranged at one time.  Special Needs Chicago, Inc. does not have an application process and no medical authorization is necessary. 


For our corporate clients, we will coordinate an easy, customized scheduling structure to work with you and your patients & clients.


Pricing is determined based on locations, routes, volume, days, times, frequency and other variables.  Cost is either base rate + per mile fee, flat rates or group rates.  Please contact us for pricing.

Service is available throughout Chicago, the suburbs and beyond.


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published October 30, 2012


CLICK HERE to download fillable PDF form for HOLIDAY reservations                             (Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day)

CLICK HERE to download fillable PDF form for corporate clients

CLICK HERE to download fillable PDF form for private pay individuals

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